Our Story

Auge light is a world-leading expert in ambient lighting, specializing in improving the light effect and aesthetic design of filament lamps for 20 years."










"Under the core concept of corporate sustainability,  Augelight, as a leader in healthy lighting, has made breakthrough progress in HCL technology and provided users with more efficient and stable artificial natural light sources. Its technological and innovative lighting fixtures have been applied in the lighting engineering of many high-end hotels at home and abroad."


"At the same time, in order to meet the dual needs of users for lighting fixture aesthetics and healthy lighting, AUGELIGHT has collaborated with well-known Italian independent designers, taking inspiration from the classic aesthetics of the East and West and the ethereal tension of nature, and for the first time incorporating 0.6mm FPC flexible filament into lighting fixture design to meet various work, home, and other use scenarios and psychological needs of users."







We believe that AUGE LIGHT's craftsmanship and technological innovation will make lighting more than just a mundane addition to space, but rather a dynamic force imbued with life by humans, making every precious square meter feel valued and adding a touch of tenderness, self-satisfaction, and poetry to ordinary life."