Reducing Global Greenhouse Gases


AUGE is committed to achieving carbon neutrality in all business operations and facilities by 2035. These efforts are a continuation of the company's ongoing commitment to sustainability. In 2021, our LED products avoided the emission of 5 million tons of carbon dioxide.










Creating environmentally-friendly products



AUGE takes a thoughtful, strategic approach to improving the environmental efficiency of every innovation when developing new products and solutions.

Auge  evaluates new products based on:


A.Reducing the use of natural resources during production and distribution

B.Reducing waste

C.Using recyclable or renewable materials as much as possible

D.Reducing or avoiding the use of toxic or harmful substances

E.Efficient packaging






            AUGE is committed to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in operations through the development of energy-efficient LED lighting solutions. 

Occupational Health, Safety, Environment, Product Compliance and Sustainability Management System



The reduction of plastic in our factory over the last three years has been primary task of our factory. We did this through box design and reducing the volume use of outgoing packaging.  We will continue our efforts to eliminate non-biodegradable plastic packaging. 

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